Munix is a mineral processing marketing, design and technical auditing firm, based in Germany, South Africa and Russia. Munix’s main focus is the gold processing industry. We concentrate on the hydro-metallurgical portion of gold processing, including the design, supply of equipment and the technical auditing thereof.

process design

Munix’s process design capabilities are based on decades of experience and the successful design of the hydro-metallurgical portions of numerous gold plants, in locations as diverse as Southern Africa, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

process auditing

Munix’s approach to technical know-how and process auditing is based on involving and employing highly experienced specialists with decades of practice behind them. We take care only to engage true masters (Meister) in their field, to efficiently and effectively get to the core of any particular process problem or quickly expose any potential opportunity in the gold processing circuit.

simulation software

Munix provides simulation-modelling software, where the gold adsorption circuit of brown-fields or green-fields RIL/CIL or RIP/CIP and elution/desorption circuits are accurately modelled.

equipment supply

Munix represents a number of leading gold and mineral processing technology and equipment suppliers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


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