Munix Handels GmbH

Germany & South Africa

Munix is a mineral processing marketing, design and technical auditing firm, based in Germany, South Africa and Russia. Munix’s main focus is the gold processing industry. We concentrate on the hydro-metallurgical portion of gold processing, including the design, supply of equipment and the technical auditing thereof. Our main market is the gold processing industry in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, with equipment and technical know-how generally being supplied from South Africa.

Munix Rus LLC

Russian spare parts fabrication and client servicing

With its client and customer base in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Munix has established Munix RUS LLC as a sister company. Munix RUS LLC, situated in Moscow, was established to service existing clients in the above territories as well as to fabricate spare parts under license in Russia. At present Munix RUS LLC fabricates Kemix MPS interstage screen wedge wire cylinders outside of Moscow, vastly reducing the end price as well as lead time to Russian and Central Asian customers.