Munix’s approach to technical know-how and process auditing is based on involving and employing highly experienced specialists with decades of practice behind them. We take care only to engage true masters (Meister) in their field, to efficiently and effectively get to the core of any particular process problem or quickly expose any potential opportunity in the gold processing circuit.

In this regard Munix focuses on gold processing and particularly on the hydro-metallurgical portion of gold processing plants, from leaching onward to the gold-room. This focus on the gold adsorption and desorption circuits allows us a particular depth of understanding where it matters most. This is after all where gold is recovered and money is made.

Our key areas of competence can be summed up as follows:

  • compiling of focussed metallurgical test-work programs in order to define the optimal recovery processing route to best suit a gold ore body in question
  • defining and optimization of gold leaching and gold recovery circuits, for both existing operational plants as well as green-fields projects when applying the various adsorbent-in-pulp and in-leach technologies using activated carbons or ion exchange resins
  • optimisation of new and existing gold leach circuits determining cyanide and dissolved oxygen levels and ratios through a focus on gold leach kinetics, by the use of ore reactivity measurement, oxygen- and peroxide mass balance modelling and a data base of oxygenation device performance parameters, as influenced by:
    • cyanide and dissolved oxygen levels and ratios
    • grind size, particularly for ultra-fine grinding
    • gold passivation by sulphides in solution or the presence of silver alloys
    • kinetics boosting by lead nitrate
  • The ability to identify, target and prioritise the unit operations that may most enhance the process technologically and economically.

Our in-house specialists counting among the leaders in their field include: dissolved oxygen and leach kinetics specialist, bio-leaching specialist, process simulation specialist, CIL/CIP and elution design specialist, electro-winning specialist.