Munix’s process design capabilities are based on decades of experience and the successful design of the hydro-metallurgical portions of numerous gold plants, in locations as diverse as Southern Africa, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We make extensive use of the Munix’s sister company, AuSIM’s simulation modelling for CIL/CIP plants.

In this regard we focus on the back-end (hydro-metallurgical) of gold processing plants, from the pre-oxidation and leach section all the way through to the gold room. Our designs always incorporate Kemix equipment.

Our comprehensive hydro-metallurgical design packages draw from the experience of old masters in their field, exclusively contracted to Munix in Russia and Central Asia. Our emphasis is in the back-end of gold processing plants. Several of the gold processing plant designs of our exclusive consultants are in Russia and Central Asia.

Process design and management. The ability to integrate process requirements to a layout that allows easy maintenance and operability are fundamental to the successful and reliable operation of any process and its economics. The credo being, that the mineralogy of an ore determines the process that should be applied.